JCI Leuven Twinning Weekend vom 24.11.2023 bis 26.11.2023 (= 3 Tage)

JCI Leuven
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15:00 Uhr
24.11.2023 - 26.11.2023 (= 3 Tage)
JCI Leuven Twinning Weekend
Ein "Twinning-Wochenende" der JCI Leuven ist eine Veranstaltung, bei der die Wirtschaftsjunioren aus Dortmund & JCI S´Hertogenbosch, in Leuven Belgien,
zusammenkommen, um sich zu vernetzen, Ideen auszutauschen und gemeinsam Aktivitäten durchzuführen.
Leuven ist eine Stadt in Belgien, die für ihre Universität, Kultur und Wirtschaft bekannt ist. Wir übernachten bei unseren Gastbeber*innen zu Hause und genießen
aus erster Hand das Leben in Belgien.
This year in november, JCI Leuven has the honor of receiving you in our beautiful city, Leuven!
We are very excited to give you a sneak preview of our program that we are getting ready.
On Friday, we will receive you in the city center the whole evening long. We have a location in "De Bruul," a small park in the center.
We will have food and drinks available for everyone, whether you are arriving early or later in the evening.
On Saturday, we will start our morning with a company visit. The companies are still being contacted, but we will confirm shortly where we are going!
Lunch will be in the center again.
In the afternoon, an informative guided tour of the historic center of Leuven is going to be led by our very own JCI Leuven member, Karel Dejaeger.
There will be a pause with drinks, and a reception in your honor will be organized afterwards. We have some free time to freshen up or go out and have a drink after which there will be a dinner in the center.
We will end our Twinning weekend with a last activity on Sunday. The details still have to be confirmed, but this too will be announced shortly.
We hope you are looking forward to this weekend already! JCI Leuven will be ready to receive you from Friday, November 24th through Sunday, November 26th.
The price is 125 euros for the entire weekend, including dinners, some drinks, lunch, and the company visit.
Some members have already confirmed that home hospitality is an option, but we will send along some hotel options as well.
See you soon
Siska, Karel, Mark, Tim, Simon.
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